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WJACC (West Java Art and Cultural Center )

Architecture Design.

Art and Cultural Center. 1.5 ha.






: Bandung. ID.

: Competition.

: Civic Narrative.

: 2017.

: Pele Widjaja, Franseno Pudjianto, J Tanardi, E J Khrisna M O O, Stephanus Setiawan.

The main concept of this cultural center building is to create a continuous public space and give an Sundanesse value to the building. "Totopong" as a sundanesse headband become the main elements where the concept is applied to the mass of buildings that looks folded as well as Sundanese script become a view of the building facades. This concept makes WJACC be a contemporary building that put the cultural values ​​on it. WJACC becomes a place for the social and cultural space of the local community as a place to learn, play and grow.

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