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: Bandung. ID.

: Conceptual Design.

: Poetic Based.

: 2017.

Interior Design.

Religious. 131 m2.





Christians believe that "The Kingdom of God is within you", whereas people should always feel welcome and have a kinship towards others and their belief. This philosophy is becoming our concept to renovate this old church. 

To achieve our concept, there are certain design approach we apply, such as:

1) Selection of earthy tones like timber (applied in flooring, ceiling, and furniture), white color, and also warm-white artificial lighting tone to give a warm ambiance to the room.

2) The application of window louvres on the side walls allow the natural air circulation even if the room is closed.

3) The weaves design on the ceiling is the main aspect in the design.

4) The height is adjusted not only to give a spacious room, but also to leave a grand feeling.

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