G a d i n g  H o u s e

: Jakarta. ID.

: Completed.

: Tropical Modern.

: 2016.

Architecture Design.

Bungalow. 280 m2.





We were required to revitalize an old living space of 10 people. However, in urban areas nowadays, it becomes a challenge to design such comfortable house since the lands are very limited. Hence, by applying these four main points, we achieve the comfortable yet sustainable design at the same time;

First, adding an extension of a green area inside the house which can provide natural lighting and ventilation of fresh air to reduce electricity and gas emission from artificial lighting and air conditioning. Second, the use of solar panels for water heater and electricity generator. Third, the application of tropical design with pitched roof that suits Jakarta's climate of high temperature ,humidity, and rainfall. Last, is by using local building materials to reduce carbon emission from transportation costs during the construction process.