Architecture Design.

Low Cost Housing.






: Bandung. ID

: Competition.

: Cultural Revitalization.

: 2016.

: J Tanardi, E J Krishna M O.

A village of healthy low cost small homes is the main approach to improve the quality of life for those who live alongside Cikapundung riverbanks. Existing congested houses are proposed to be given their own personal open spaces  in order to provide better living environment,  prevent wildfire, maximize natural light and ventilation, provide water absorbance for the soil that can prevent flood,  security, and privacy. The houses are inspired by local vernacular - Sundanese - houses which provide better psychology of spaces for the local occupants. As for another agenda, this can also encourage the villagers to later develop their living environment into tourist cultural attraction in Bandung.The houses are divided into two types; type 48 and type 60, with the aim of being a self- develop houses in the future.

Pers bwt pot pers
Pers kawasan
Jalan Gang
KT Utama
Pot pers
Isometri 2
Isometri 1
Jl. Kartini no 3
Bandung, Indonesia. 40112
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